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The TECT project facilitates the exchange of experiences on cultural tourism

The exchange of experiences was the focus of the second day (March 27, 2014) of the TECT workshop held in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The exchanged ideas and views on the future of the cultural and tourism sectors in the participating regions made it clearer how to face the delicate situation and implement certain actions. Furthermore, the European partners could benefit from the experience accumulated by the authorities and experts in tourism, culture, and entrepreneurship of the island as a tourist destination of global significance. Technical visits to some of the most significant locations in Santa Cruz de Tenerife contributed a lot to the completion of the three-day workshop and to figuring out how to proceed with the project by capturing visitors’ attention.

Find more details about the workshop and the results from it on the official website of Sociedad de Desarrollo Santa Cruz de Tenerife here (in Spanish):

http://www special info.sociedad-desarrollo.com/…/el-proyecto-tect-facil…

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