The Network has been established within the framework of the “Towards Excellence in Cultural Tourism” project, co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the Euro-pean Union, Action 1 - Active Citizens for Europe, Measure 1.2. Networks of Twinned Towns.
The project aims at fostering cooperation at European level between municipalities on the theme of intangible cultural heritage preservation and valorization through cultural tour-ism.
The Municipality of Sandanski is the coordinator of the international initiative and the partners are Harryda Municipality, Sweden; Local Councils’ Association, Malta; Sociedad de Desarrollo de Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain; Municipality of Sepino, Italy, and Municipality of Agia, Greece.
Our aim is to jointly raise each local community’s capacity to address the needs of the fast growing cultural tourism sector and develop adequate strategies and products to promote and make use of our tangible and intangible heritage for tourism. For our towns the tradi-tions, folk arts and crafts represent important resources from social and cultural perspec-tive and taking common action for their valorization and continuation is important for achieving inclusive and sustainable growth both of the local communities and the EU as a whole.
The international project will get together the public authorities, citizens, youth, seniors, artists and small and medium businesses, NGOs, cultural and tourism organizations from the six European states, partners in the project. Six different thematic events will be organ-ized during the lifetime of the project, with focus on active aging and intergenerational learning, valorization and continuation of traditional culture; fostering transfer of knowl-edge and know-how among generations; traditional culture and entrepreneurship.