Aims and objectives

The TECT project’s mission is the establishment of an efficient European Network of towns, addressing the challenges related to our intangible cultural heritage, its preservation, valorization, and continuation. For this reason, we decided to create a shared web platform for discussion, experience exchange, and cooperation. As both European and cross-sectoral cooperation are of crucial importance for reaching our aims, we seek to actively involve the local stakeholders from each of the partnering towns in the Network’s activities.
You will have the possibility to keep track of the project developments through the multilingual website (to be launched in March), where up-to date information, detailed calendar and program of the project events, a discussion board and all tangible results will regularly be published. Moreover, as the project’s main activities are focused on the creation of efficient Network, a “What is there for me?” section will be created, broken down into thematic sub-sections, containing specific explanatory articles, discussion topics, announcements, and news. It will also contain thematic discussion boards and feedback forms, where you will be able to give us your feedback and communicate with the participants in all of the six towns. We will keep you updated through the Network newsletter too that will be regularly sent to your e-mail. From March on, you will also be able to join the TECT Network through the social media: Facebook, Twitter and Google +.