Tourism in Sandanski

Cultural Tourism


As a region with a thousand years old history and heritage, left by ancient civilization,municipality of Sandanski has a lot to offer to its guests, who are interested in history, culture, etnograpgy, religion, architecture and art. On the territory of the whole municipality are scattered unique archeological findings – Byzantine early Christian basilicas, a medieval fortress, an architectural reserve, churches, monasteries, and others.

Eco and Mountain Tourism

park pirin

Clean environment, presence of protected areas, mild climate, abundance of healing mineral water, rich agricultural hinterland, providing eco foods and many more favourable factors determine the possibility for eco tourism in the town of Sandanski and its vicinities. Ecotrails, Walking trails, Mountain bike trails and so much more.

Rural Tourism


Rural Tourism

Rural Tourism

The villages in the Municipality of Sandanski have preserved the roots of the Bulgarian spirit and character and the uniqueness of the Bulgarian customs and traditions. Here, the guests have the opportunity to be included in horse riding or a cart drive, crafts such as woodworking, wood-carving, textile work, pottery, weaving, blacksmithing and more; can be engaged in cooking courses or wine degustation, can study the Bulgarian folklore, observe local family and religious holidays.

Religious Tourism

tsarkva sveta varvara melnik

One of the biggest treasures of municipality of Sandanski are the numerous churches and monasteries – silent witnesses and keepers of thousand years old history. The temples are unique not only with their architecture, icons and wall paintings, but also with the legends and myths, associated with some of them. In these holy cloisters was created part of the Bulgarian literature and art. In the years of Ottoman rule the monasteries preserved Bulgarian spirit, culture and religion and were the heart of the revolutionary preparation.

 Wine Tourism

vino i gurme

In this southern part of Bulgaria, generously lit by sunlight, grow grapes, which have gathered in themselves the caresses of the morning, the warmth of the day and the love of the evening. Only in this region grow the world famous ancient vine varieties – Broad Leaved Melnik Vine and Keratsuda. There are many stories about wine, made by the caring hands of its owners – they will be told to you by oenologists in the local wineries and the Museum of Wine in Melnik.

Conference Tourism

Sandanski is a perfect place when organizing business meetings, seminars, trainings, corporate events. Teams of well-prepared specialists are available at all time to answer the clients’ needs of planning, organization and carrying out of conferences, seminars and other events. Considering the budget of the event a full spectrum of services is available – conference halls with professional equipment, coffee breaks, cocktails, work and official lunches, dinners in a large selection of hotels. Specialists will take care for even the little free time left, offering different entertaining programs and destinations in the region.

Hunting Tourism

Hunting is one of the oldest human activities. In distant historical periods it was a source of food, clothing and a guarantee for the development and survival of human kind. Today, trophy hunting has turned into a sport and hobby.

In Bulgaria hunting and fishing have become an organized movement and were regulated by law in 19thcentury. For the good care of the game, its population is under surveillance, the hunting seasons are regulated, forestry and hunting enterprises were established, as well as forestry and state game breeding stations for big and small game.

Wedding Tourism

People in love, who want to say the covenant “yes” at the foothills of Pirin – Sandanski or Melnik, have the opportunity to choose between traditional wedding ritual and two additional types – Roman, that highlights the ancient imporance of the region, and Pirin, relying on Bulgarian traditions. Althought the two specific ceremonies are very different, they are an alternative to the traditional weddings and can certainly satisfy the most pretentious of tastes.