Culture in Sandanski

Art, Customs and Crafts

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If you are an artistic person and feel a creative charge inside of you that you were not able to develop because of different trivial reasons, with the suggestions in this catalogue your stay in Sandanski could become a real opportunity for finding and developing your talents and spiritual searches. Here you can work with glass, brush and wood and go back home with a stained-glass, icon, painting or woodcarving created personally by you.

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Folklore and Etnography

The local population of Municipality of Sandanski has kept and preserved the traditional for the region folklore and ethnography, which have become part of the lifestyle of the people here and have been passed down from generation to generation. Evidence for that is the big number of assembles and folk groups, working in the local community centers and organizations.

The folklore and ethnography in this region have their unique characteristics. Typical are the Pirin songs, performed with two voices and the Macedonian horo dance, 8/8 meter (fast horo). Widely used musical instruments are the bagpipe, kemene, tambourine and svorche. Typical are also the zourla, combined with a drum. The local tradition requires the clothes and fabrics, needed in the everyday life, to be produced in the family. The Bulgarian woman used to weave, sew and embroider the necessary clothes by herself. The koshuli (shirts) were hand-embroidered and the saya (dress) was made of thick homespun, girded with pregach (apron) and was decorated with buckles. The socks were knitted and embroidered. The main colours of the Pirin traditional dress are red and white.


10702124_690176241052657_7130074609376120634_nThe Pirin cuisine is very diverse and interesting. It is a unique mixture of traditional Bulgarian and Mediterranean dishes, because it has been influenced by the closeness of the Aegean region. It uses different local spices and herbs.

The taverns in Melnik and Rozhen are very attractive with their folk-style furnishing and authentic Revival atmosphere. Here you can taste some of the most interesting local dishes and delicacies, preserved through the ages and you have to try a glass of Melnik wine with the tasty food.

In the villages of Katuntsi, Levunovo and Pirin you will be accepted by skillfull hosts, who will teach you how to prepare tasty Pirin meals by yourself. Among them are: Sarmi, rolled with leaves from Broad Leafed Melnik Vine, Kachamak, Zelnik, Oriznik, Bismemka, Langidi for Lautsi, green and ripe figs jam with walnuts, and others.

Holidays and Festivals

Pirin FolkThe genuine love towards the past and traditions of these lands are the reason for the local population to jealously guard the folklore and customs in their unique splendor and diversity. Don’t be surprised if while visiting Sandanski or the villages around it you find yourself in the middle of some of the traditional festivals, numerous village fairs or holidays. They are an important part of the locals’ life and a remarkable experience for the guests of the destination.

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