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Accommodation in municipality of Sandanski can be found in a luxurious five-star hotel as well as in rooms for rent for the more undemanding. Their total number is over 100 with around 4000 beds.

Sandanski offers a great variety of culinary delights and places to have a delicious meal, including restaurants, traditional taverns, snack bars and clubs.

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Be Vine-Growers

If you are fascinated by wine, we come to the next step – “Vine Adoption”. You can adopt vines from the massifs of Villa Melnik winery and choose their number and variety. You will receive a certificate, and the vines – your name. Legally, you will not be their owner, but you will receive them for one growing cycle (1 year) and you will have the opportunity to perform all the necessary activities that precede the making of wine. In your capacity of “adopter” the doors of the wine cellar will be wide open for you throughout the year to visit with your family and friends. You will have wonderful time and change the atmosphere in the office with a meeting with nature and people working in the fields. You will learn new and useful things and will see the wine in your glass in a different way.

I make my own wine

In spring (April-May), alone or with friends, you can make your own wine with help from Villa Melnik winery. You will have 260 vines of varieties of your choice, marked with your name for one growing cycle.

Your wine will have a “history” which will be introduced to you by an expert. You will visit “your” vines, where, if you want, you can participate in different practical activities throughout the year – pruning, plucking, thinning and grape harvest. Of course, at the end you will have your own 225 liters barrel, where your wine will “grow old”. During the fermentation, filtration and sedimentation of wine you will follow its maturing together with an oenologist. You can make a blend, take part in its bottling and then leave with 250 bottles of your own wine with your own etiquette.

Grape Harvest

In September/October, with shears and a basket in hand, you can take part in the vine harvest of the massifs of Villa Melnik winery. After some tiring work for about 1-2 hours (optional) the traditional local cuisine will bring your strength back. Grape harvest is a good occasion to try wine from the last vintage. After you recover from the hard work of harvesting you will have the opportunity to follow the grapes on their way to the winery, where you will get familiar with the vinification process (the first stages of wine making), carried out under the directions of an oenologist.

If you like extreme experiences and sport attracts you then Sandanski is the right destination for your vacation and adventure. Away from the city noise and human vanity, nothing will draw your attention away from the greatness of the Pirin Mountains and Slavyanka. Rafting and Kayaking down the Strouma River is something you shouldn’t miss and canyoning will surely take your adrenalin levels up. Take a look at our suggestions on how to make your time in this region worth it and enjoy the spirit of a time past that surely does not speak the language of today.

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