Municipality of Harryda

högupplöst_logga_resizedHärryda Municipality has ca 35000 inhabitants and Sweden's second largest airport. Around half of the municipality is covered in forests and there are ca 200 lakes. The tourism potential is very large. The municipality owns a very valuable historic area, where an old mansion and a park are included. A lot of money has for many years been spent on public art in the municipality, which is a tourism potential. There are a number of artists living in the municipality some which make a living on it and many more who doesn’t yet. Many elderly people are active in historic/cultural organisations. We have a very popular ‘cultural building’ with a wide range of activities such as a modern library incorporated with a café, meeting rooms, an art exhibition hall, theatre possibilities etc. Another one is currently being planned in another town, which will have some inbuilt art and hopefully also attract non-locals. The municipal also has an attractive cultural school.