Who will benefit from the Network’s activities and how

Policymakers will enrich their own competences by exchanging experiences and good practices
make long-lasting and sustainable partnerships, which can serve as a basis for future cooperation in other fields

  • Promote their territories as tourism destinations, develop international, cross-sectoral cooperation and implement the joint strategies on the way to improve the quality and visibility of the European cultural tourism offer
  • Become aware of the importance of the European cultural heritage as a means to foster development


  • Communicate and exchange ideas, as with the actors on the local level, as with citizens from other European states and thus exercise active citizenship
  • Increase their knowledge on European policies and the opportunities the EU provides
  • Become aware of the importance of preservation and valorization of intangible cultural heritage and the opportunities it provides for entrepreneurship
  • Get to know each other, exchange ideas and engage in intercultural dialogue, resulting in the promotion of European values
  • YOUNG PEOPLE will:
  • Enrich their knowledge of Tradition and crafts thanks to their cooperation with senior citizens, acquire new skills and know how, increase their awareness of the importance of the shared cultural heritage, participate in discussions and decision making processes;
  • Meet business, institutions and organizations’ representatives, make new contacts, find potential employers, meet successful entrepreneurs and learn from their experience


  • Increase the awareness of their social utility in order to promote Active Ageing;
  • Share their experience and knowledge to the younger generations and enrich their own competences in terms of innovative practices, European policies and opportunities of the EU
  • Optimize their operational capacity and develop new synergies through good practices exchange with their European colleagues


  • Discuss their problems and seek common solutions with the support of all other target groups
  • Communicate their professional requirements to decision makers and educational institutions
  • Promote their products and services, expand their markets and make new partnerships
  • Help establishing the SMEs, NGOs, cultural and tourism organizations as key actors in the development and promotion of cultural tourism