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Towards Excellence in Cultural Tourism Network: Presentation materials from the Workshop in Tenerife

Find out more about the topics of the workshop in Tenerife and the presentations that were presented to the wide public on the second TECT meeting in the attached files below. All challenges that participants face in the field of culture, tourism, and SMEs development were clearly emphasized within these materials. The strategies and the objectives of the TECT project and the opportunities that the European Union provides for future development were also discussed. The hosts from Tenerife shared their interesting and unseen details and experience in the respective fields.

Discovering Tourism Through its People and Culture - Julian Zarb

Tenerife...TECT mnh

Challenges and policies in cultural tourism



Culture - Why Worth Investing in Culture? - Ilina Yakova

Canarias 2020 retos

Presentacio¦Бn 27 MarzoTECT

Towards Excellence in Cultural Tourism Network: Presentation materials from the Cultural Tourism and Active Ageing Forum in Agia

The presentations delivered and topics discussed during the third project event in Agia can be found below. The main purpose of the forum was to exchange experiences and best practices for both the development of new methods for the social inclusion of older people and their participation in the development of cultural tourism, and solidarity and dialogue between generations, as well as to help seniors and young people to learn from each other. The history, culture and tradition of the Municipality of Agia and practices in the field of cultural tourism in relation to active aging, European policies for active aging and economic growth, alternative strategies for the sustainable development of tourism, tourism based on local communities and the importance of active stakeholder involvement are some of the topics that were presented and discussed during the three-day long forum

TECT Study Visit Greece 2014 the challenges of consistency and commitment in local tourism planning - Julian Zarb

Municipality of Agia's presentation

Τα παιδιά βιώνουν παιχνίδια από το παρελθόν

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TECT-Βοηθεια στο Σπίτι

TECT-Βαφειαδακη H γυναικεία & η ανδρική φορεσιά της Ανατολής

TECT-Active Ageing Ilina Yakova