The Kick-off meeting will be held in Harryda, Sweden, where the first draft of the strategic documents will be finalized by the partners and submitted for public discussion.

The Network structure, priorities, and goals will be presented for further discussions and amendment during the workshop in Tenerife, Spain. There, experts in the relevant sectors will share best practices and propose specific measures for the development of their relevant sectors and the Network as a whole.

The Forum in Greece will build on the results of the Workshop by setting the focus on inter-generational dialogue and active aging. The event will involve all the target groups and the themes will be: valorization and continuation of traditional culture; fostering transfer of knowledge and know-how among generations; traditional culture and entrepreneurship.

As SMEs are in the core of the local communities’ development, their active involvement in the Network is crucial for the achievement of all the objectives and goals set. Therefore, the Cultural Tourism Fair in Malta is planned in order to create opportunities for actors in the fields of culture and tourism to create sustainable partnerships, access new markets, exchange ideas.

The Cultural Tourism Fair will be followed by a Festival of Cultures, which aims at creating connections among traditional artists and artisans and allowing citizens to taste the cultural richness and diversity of Europe. It will be integrated into the annual international festival of folk music and dance Pirin Folk Sandanski, Bulgaria.

The project will be completed by a Closing event in Sepino, Italy, where the project results, the final version of the structure of the Network, its strategic priorities and long-term goals, and action plan will be presented to the public.