Cultural Tourism and Active Ageing Forum

Cultural Tourism and Active Ageing Forum

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Date(s) - 06/06/2014 - 08/06/2014
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The Municipality of Agia hosted and organized event 3 – the Cultural Tourism and Active Ageing Forum which was held between 4 th – 6 th of June 2014.

The 3rd meeting of the TECT Network was held in the municipality of Agia, Greece, 4-6 June 2014 on the theme of ‘Cultural Tourism and Active Ageing «. The main purpose of the forum was to exchange experiences and best practices for both the development of new methods for the social inclusion of older people and their participation in the development of cultural tourism, and solidarity and dialogue between generations, as well as to help seniors and young people to learn from each other. The history, culture and tradition of the Municipality of Agia and practices in the field of cultural tourism in relation to active aging, European policies for active aging and economic growth, alternative strategies for the sustainable development of tourism, tourism based on local communities and the importance of active stakeholder involvement are some of the topics that were presented and discussed during the three-day long forum. The meeting brought together a total of 30 international participants, representatives of the Network members, who had the chance to meet and cooperate with over a hundred local participants – local authorities, business, NGO representatives, seniors, youth, citizens, artists, artisans, cultural organizations and institutions. During their stay, the international participants visited historical sites such as Panteleimon Monastery and the Castle of Velika, and thus, got to know firsthand the local cultural tourism offer, the management and development of the cultural tourism sites and attractions.
The first day of the forum took place at the Cultural Center «Pupa» in Agia, where the following topics were presented and discussed: «Archaeological sites and monuments. Emergence and recovery «Stavroula Sdrolia Archaeologist 7th Byzantine Antiquities; «History and Tradition. Promotion through the General State Archives’ Catherine Smith, Historian General State Archives, Local file Agia; «The sustainable development of alternative forms of tourism destinations.’s Case Agia» Elizabeth Hatzinikolaou consultant on Tourism of the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece; «The importance of the involvement of interested parties to tourism based on local communities» Julian Zarb, Lecturer International Tourism development at University of Malta. The second and third days of the forum were held in Agiokampo hotel Golden Beach where the topics covered during the forum included: Cultural Tourism and Active Aging: Intergenerational Dialogue and Cultural Tourism and Active Ageing: social integration of seniors.

To see the agenda of the meeting, please click here :Agenda_ Agia_event 3

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