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Sociedad de Desarrollo de Santa Cruz de Tenerife Spain

Sociedad-de-Desarrollo-Logo-resizedSociedad de Desarrollo de Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the organization, depending of the Municipality of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which coordinates efforts and tourism-related initiatives for a modern, sustainable and competitive tourism sector. The city is known for its Carnival, declared International Tourist Festival in 1980 and sits on a territory called Añaza by the Guanches, prehispanic inhabitants of the Canary Islands known by their mummifications procedures, which can be seen at the Museum of Nature and Man, where it is located the largest existing collection on the Guanche culture. Many of these archaeological remains are from the Anaga massif, a volcanic Rural Park with one of the last laurel forests dating to the Quaternary. In the massif are located numerous towns and villages, which celebrates popular festivities every year where you can sample traditional Canarian cuisine characterized by its simplicity, variety and richness of ingredients from land and sea.