Municipality of Sepino, Italy

Logo-Comune-Sepino_resizedThe Municipality of Sepino is situated to the bottom of the Matese mountains in the center of the Appennino. The town of Sepino is one of the important touristic sites of the region. The archaeological site of Altilia, the ancient city of Saepinum, was lived by different peoples like Samnites (Pre-Roman population), Romans, Longobards and others, and is inhabited yet nowadays, after more than 2,000 years, by families of farmers. Close to the archaeological site of Altilia is present one of the most important cattle-tracks used since before the Roman era until the middle of the last century for the movement of the cows and sheep from the mountain of Abruzzo to the plains of Apulia and, the cultural heritage is linked with this tradition. Sepino is also famous for the water sources, in the past used for different proto-industrial activities (mills and wool-mills) and nowadays for the bottling of still and sparkling water.